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Manuál STARTzjs

START menu

Running application has bulb icon in the taskbar. You can pin the icon to main panel.

Open START menu by clicking on icon in panel or by HotKey. When you have better mouse with more buttons, you can assing HotKey to mouse button and have menu in one click.

The main system monitor must be at the top left for proper operation on multiple monitors.

This is how START menu looks like, how clearly you can sort your applications and folders, just by using drag and drop.

The description of the controls you can find also in the setting Info.

Left-click on an item to start the program.
Drag an item to move it in the menu.

Drag a column header (title) to another allows you to swap columns.
Drag a column(outside the header, with the mouse or two fingers) to move the menu on the screen.
Left double click on a column to hide the menu.

Rigth click on menu item opens context menu. Menu item can be highlighted, hidden, changed its icon or assigned a HotKey. For file item you can set start as admin or autostart with Windows or uninstall installed application.

Rigth click on menu column opens context menu, where you can rename column, hide it or sort menu items alphabetically.


Setting of STARTzjs menu is accesible as menu item in column Default.

In setting Import you may add easily common folders, control panels or system shutdown options.

In setting View you can change menu color, transparency, item style and size. 


On left side of tabcontrol is a list of events that the TAPs can respond to.
On right side of tabcontrol is a list of actions that TAPs is able to execute.
Below is a list of added plans that are saved and ready.

Unless you click Start, plans are not active. When plan is executed, unless had checked Repeate, it´s deactivated. If TAPs was running and system was restarted, the plans are reloaded and TAPs is started.

You can use plans for many purposes. For example after downloading file, the computer can be turn off. Or at certain time run or close application or send email. You may let mute sound, switch display output, pause playing video after recieving message in MQTT client that is connected to your home MQTT broker. Client can communicate with smart devices directly (if they support MQTT) or via application Home Assistant that is able to connect anything with everything.


You can write or paste example to calculator directy and every example + result is remembered.